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Need to pay attention to place freezer installation project
日期:十一月 06, 2013 标签:News


     一、Warmer place, not only the cooling efficiency will decline, sometimes damage library board, in addition, guarantee the normal work of the unit within the scope of the ambient temperature is 35 degrees。 It is the space set aside for unit overhaul。

   二、cold storage Should be installed in strength, smooth

   Combined cold storage installation requires a level of concrete base。 Base base tilt, concave and convex, must will dock repair level off。

   三、Cold storage installation in a well ventilated, a region of low humidity

   After the installation, sometimes will appear in front of the concrete base dry condensation. Plum rains season when unusually high humidity, condensation, library board seam will appear under the condition of small, renovated library board also can appear condensation, these are temporary phenomenon, when it’s necessary to wipe.

   四、Install where shelter refrigerator

  Combined the installation of cold storage is used in the house, outside to make a block sunlight, rain FangGai.

   五、Cold storage of drainage

   The rolls of drainage using drain discharge. Often there is water, so to guide the drainage can flows smoothly. To install drain type must be installed on the pipe, type tube can prevent the air leak, insect, rat invasion. A drain on the nervous type tube, sometimes can also lead to the unit from corrosion.

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